Dean's Office


Message from the Dean

Haliç University was established by “Foundation of our Kids with Leukemia” (Bizim Lösemili Çocuklar Vakfı) in 1998. One of the essential goals of the University was to establish the Faculty of Medicine. Following the necessary steps, medical education was started in 2017.

I have been proudly in the University as a lecturer since 2017. Then, I undertake the mission of the dean since 2022. We relocated to our new “Campus University” in 5th Levent region. Our motto is “Change Begins in Haliç University”. Our new campus has a total closed area of approximately 200.000 m2, including numerous laboratories (microscopy-genetic and research), classes, lecture halls, cadaver rooms, dissection, and model halls.

We practice an integrated education system, which consists of three stages: a pre-clinical program including integrated basic and clinical sciences (three years), a clinical program (2 years) and internship (one year). Anatomy, Biophysics, Histology and Embryology, Physiology, Medical Biochemistry, Medical Biology and Genetics, Medical Microbiology, Medical Pharmacology, and Pathology courses based on cells, tissues, organs, systems, and related diseases are taught by the experienced lecturers.

We have protocols with training and research hospitals and the affiliated hospital for clinical program and internship. We are planning to establish the Hospital of the Medical Faculty in the following years in our new campus.

We aim to provide our students with advanced skills and ethical values, as well as social, cultural, and communicative skills.

Our Great Leader M.K.Atatürk says in his speech to the Assembly on December 1, 1921;

“We are a Nation who must work to survive. Each of us has rights and authority. Nevertheless, when we work, we earn these rights. A person becomes human only by working.”

On the way, we set out to train you as a good medical doctor under the roof of Haliç University, we entrust our future to you.

Kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Ali Kubilay Korkut, MD